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The Rise Of Quarterback Contracts

History in the making.

Written by NFL QB Consultant Jordan Palmer & The QB Summit Team

Today, we're diving into the quarterback contract landscape, where this offseason has seen some jaw-dropping deals. From Justin Herbert to Joe Burrow, the market is sizzling with record-breaking extensions. And on the horizon? Three names stand tall:

  • Jordan Love’s Path to a Record Deal

  • Tua’s Path to Max

  • Dak Setting the Stage for NFL Contract History

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Jordan Love’s Path to a Record Deal

Let's unpack why Jordan Love deserves to be in that elite conversation.

The Green Bay Packers, known for their quarterback pedigree with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, have shown exceptional foresight in developing quarterbacks.

They didn't stumble into success; they engineered it with calculated moves and patience.

A Masterclass In QB Development

Jordan Love's journey began when the Packers drafted him amidst Aaron Rodgers' tenure, signaling a strategic succession plan.

Sitting behind a future Hall of Famer like Rodgers isn't just luck—it's a masterclass in quarterback development. Learning from the best, Love honed his skills and showcased his potential during a promising second half of the last season.

Now, why should Love be eyeing a hefty paycheck? It's simple. Despite a limited sample size, Love has demonstrated maturity, emotional stability, and a high level of playability.

His performance has been impressive, though not yet at the level of seasoned veterans like Rodgers or other emerging stars.

Think Of It Like This

Love's contract discussions should mirror a longer-term investment similar to Jared Goff's deal - ensuring stability and long-term commitment from the Packers.

Given his age and potential, a deal that secures Love's future while accommodating the team's needs is on the horizon.

Unlike some of his peers, however, Love lacks the seasoned playmakers and offensive support that bolster other quarterbacks' stats.

This season, he faces the task of elevating his play while compensating for gaps in the skill positions, including the departure of key players like Aaron Jones.

His Capacity For Growth

But here's what sets Love apart: his ability to grow alongside a young supporting cast. This cohesion, often undervalued, could prove instrumental in the Packers' offensive strategy moving forward.

As negotiations unfold, expect the Packers to solidify their quarterback future with Jordan Love at the helm.

His contract won't just reflect his potential on the field but also his role in Green Bay's ongoing legacy of quarterback excellence.


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Tua’s Path to Max

Next up, Tua Tagovailoa's journey to securing a max contract in the NFL. It's a story of undeniable talent coupled with crucial considerations, primarily centered around durability.

The Embodiment Of A Franchise QB

When it comes to Tua, there's no questioning his skill set. He embodies everything you'd want in a franchise quarterback: precision passing, decision-making under pressure, and a knack for executing in critical moments.

His abilities are unquestionably top-tier.

However, the elephant in the room remains his durability. Injuries, particularly concussions and a significant hip injury in college have sidelined Tua at critical junctures.

In a league where availability is paramount, these concerns loom large in contract negotiations.

An Unforgiving League

The NFL is unforgiving when it comes to injuries that keep players off the field. It's not just about toughness; it's about being physically able to perform at the highest level week after week.

Teams invest in quarterbacks not just for their skills, but for their reliability to lead the team consistently.

Yet, Tua's case isn't solely defined by his injury history. His fit within Miami's offensive scheme under Mike McDaniels is impeccable. Designed around quick releases, RPOs, and speed, this system plays to Tua's strengths brilliantly.

His ability to execute this offense effectively makes him indispensable to the Dolphins' current and future plans.

The Dolphins Need Someone Who Can Deliver Now

Amidst the AFC East's competitive landscape, where teams like the Bills and Patriots are reloading, the Dolphins need a quarterback who can deliver now.

Tua's style and skill set align perfectly with the demands of modern NFL offenses, where agility and quick decision-making are keys to success.

As negotiations unfold, expect Tua and his agents to leverage his fit within McDaniels' system as a cornerstone of their argument.

While durability concerns may temper some negotiations, Tua's potential to elevate Miami's offense and capitalize on the AFC East's evolving dynamics cannot be overlooked.

Kyle Terada/USA TODAY

Dak Setting the Stage for NFL Contract History

Lastly, we’re going to be diving into Dak Prescott's journey towards potentially becoming the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history.

It's a storyline filled with both accolades and lingering questions, particularly around his ability to secure the big wins.

The Pressure Is Palpable

In Dallas, the pressure on Jerry Jones to finalize a record-setting deal for Dak Prescott is palpable.

Despite Dak's impressive statistical achievements and leadership qualities, the spotlight often shifts to his track record in pivotal games. Can he consistently deliver in those high-stakes moments?

Now, let's be clear—when evaluating quarterbacks, availability is paramount. The ability to stay healthy and lead the team week after week is foundational.

While winning big games is crucial, having a quarterback who can consistently perform at a high level throughout the season is equally vital.

A Common Thread Among Elite QBs

When we look at the league's elite quarterbacks—Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson—we see a common thread: confidence in their ability to win when it matters most.

There are no lingering doubts or questions about their clutch performances. They've proven time and again that they can rise to the occasion.

This isn't to diminish Dak Prescott's accomplishments or potential. He has shown tremendous growth and resilience throughout his career, navigating through injuries and adversity with poise.

However, in the cutthroat world of NFL negotiations, every aspect of a quarterback's game and impact on the team's success is scrutinized.

Undeniable Progress

As contract discussions heat up after the break, expect Dak and his team to leverage his consistency, leadership, and the undeniable progress he's made with the Cowboys.

His fit within the organization's long-term plans and his ability to elevate the team's performance will be central to these negotiations.

Jerry Jones faces a pivotal decision—one that could reshape the landscape of quarterback contracts in the NFL.

With the league evolving and competition intensifying, securing Dak Prescott's future in Dallas could solidify the Cowboys' position as contenders for years to come.

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