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Let's Talk About Summer Camps & Workouts

For College & High School QBs

Written by NFL QB Consultant Jordan Palmer & The QB Summit Team

In today’s Cover 3, we’re breaking the big summer camps & workouts QBs should be looking at:

  • College-Hosted Camps

  • Private Workouts

  • High School Campus Workouts

🔥 INTRODUCING: The Summit Mini Camp Series 🔥

NFL rookie minicamps are crucial for young guys taking their first steps in the league. It's their chance to get acclimated, learn the playbook, and look the part.

We took the concept of a minicamp and created something new for QBs looking to take that next step - beyond a camp that may feel a little crowded.

Summit Mini Camps are 3-day events capped at just 6 QBs. We split time between the field and the classroom each day with a bit of a different focus than our other camps or Tour Stops.

  • Day 1 focuses on owning your stroke.

  • Day 2 is where YOU learn to move in YOUR system.

  • Day 3 hammers on your off-field development.

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College-Hosted Camps

So, we're knee-deep in summer, and you know what that means? It's time for college quarterbacks to hit the turf and show what they're made of.

Forget lazy days by the pool—June is all about chasing those gridiron dreams.

Picture This

Picture this: campuses buzzing with excitement, players lacing up their cleats, and coaches ready to spot the next big talent.

College camps are where it's at, folks, and let me tell you, it's a vibe like no other.

From Michigan to USC, colleges are rolling out the welcome mat for aspiring quarterbacks. It's a chance to strut your stuff, make some noise, and maybe even catch the eye of a college scout.

But it's not just about the football—it's about the camaraderie too.

They’re Worth It For Everyone

Imagine being surrounded by a crew of fellow QBs, all hungry for success and ready to put in the work. It's a brotherhood, plain and simple, where friendships are forged and memories are made.

Now, you might be thinking, "But Jordan, what if I'm not NFL-bound?" Well, let me tell you, my friend, that's no reason to sit this one out.

Whether you're gunning for the pros or just playing for the love of the game, college camps are a blast for everyone involved.

Hit The Road

So, parents, pack up the car and hit the road. Trust me, your kid won't forget the thrill of hitting the field at a college camp.

And who knows? They might just leave a lasting impression on a coach and kickstart their journey somewhere that could change their life.


We’ve got a special One-Day Summit Tour Stop coming up on June 29, 2024! It’s the most accessible camp we’ve ever put together on the East Coast.

If you want to reach your potential and separate yourself from the competition, join us for a transformational Summit One-Day with NFL QB Consultants Jordan Palmer and Mike White.

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Private Workouts

We touched on the electrifying energy of college camps and the buzz surrounding budding talent.

But now, let's shift our focus to a more intimate setting—the realm of private workouts.

A Much More Intimate Setting

a young quarterback, hungry for success, steps onto the field of a college camp. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill camp experience.

No, this is something special—a private workout, where stars are born and legends are made.

In these exclusive sessions, quarterbacks are given the opportunity to showcase their skills in a more intimate setting.

Joined by a select group of receivers and linemen, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Pushing Yourself To The Limit

But what sets private workouts apart from the rest?

It's not just about running through the motions or going through the motions—it's about pushing yourself to the limit.

Coaches will have you running drills, refining your technique, and challenging you to be the best version of yourself.

Build The Relationships

And it's not just about the physical aspect. Private workouts are also about building relationships and gaining invaluable feedback.

Imagine having a team of seasoned coaches, watching your every move, offering guidance, and pushing you to reach new heights.

But why all the fuss? Well, my friends, private workouts are about more than just showcasing your talent.

They're about proving yourself, earning respect, and ultimately, securing your spot on the roster.

Blue Gold

High School Campus Workouts

Lastly, let's explore the final frontier—the high school campus visit.

Imagine this: you're a high school quarterback, honing your craft on the familiar turf of your school's football field.

Suddenly, you receive word that a prestigious college program is coming to watch you throw.

Excitement courses through your veins as you prepare to showcase your skills to the world.

This Isn’t Just Any Visit

But this isn't just any visit—this is a chance to make a lasting impression on some of the biggest names in college football.

Coaches from renowned programs travel far and wide, eager to witness firsthand the talent that could shape the future of their teams.

As you step onto the field, you're acutely aware of the stakes at hand. This isn't just about throwing passes—it's about seizing an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.

With each throw, you pour your heart and soul into every movement, determined to leave a lasting impression.

It’s About All Of It

But it's not just about what happens on the field. College coaches use this visit as an opportunity to get to know the person behind the player.

They meet with parents, review transcripts, and delve into the character of the young athlete before them.

And when the dust settles and the final pass is thrown, the moment of truth arrives.

Will your performance be enough to sway the minds of these esteemed coaches? Will your talent and dedication shine through, earning you a coveted spot on their roster?

For many aspiring college quarterbacks, this visit is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

It's a chance to showcase their skills on the grand stage and prove that they have what it takes to compete at the highest level.

The Success & The Adversity

So, as we conclude our exploration into the world of quarterback evaluations, remember this: the journey to greatness is filled with twists and turns, highs and lows.

But through it all, one thing remains constant—the unwavering determination of those who dare to dream.

Stay tuned for more insights and revelations as we continue to uncover the untold stories of college football's brightest stars.

Until next time, keep chasing those dreams and never stop believing in the power of your potential.


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