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Deconstructing Internet Critics

3 QB Hot Takes

Written by NFL QB Consultant Jordan Palmer & The QB Summit Team

In today’s Cover 3, we’re breaking down three hilarious hot takes for rookie QBs:

  • Lazy Footwork

  • New Footwork

  • Accuracy Concerns


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Daily Norseman

Hot Take #1: Lazy Footwork

Let's dive into the hilarious world of internet quarterback critics!

You know that time of year when everyone thinks they're a football genius just because they watched a highlight reel? Yeah, we all do.

Let’s start with the first one I keep hearing: lazy footwork.

They’re Still Early

It's the classic critique. But here's the deal—most of these guys grew up in the shotgun. That means they've never had to deal with under-center snaps. So, cut 'em some slack, okay? They're still figuring it out.

Fumbling Snaps

Next on the list: fumbling snaps.

Oh boy, nothing gets the meme-makers going like a good ol' fumble. But think about it—how many of these rookies have practiced under center in high school or college?

Not many. So, a few mishaps are totally normal.

The Under-Center Struggle

Last but not least: the under-center struggle. Seriously, some folks act like these QBs are learning rocket science. But let's keep it real—it's just snapping the ball from under center.

Sure, it might take some time to get used to, but once they do, it's smooth sailing.

So, the next time you see someone roasting a rookie QB online, remember to take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the laughs. After all, football's supposed to be fun, right?

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The Athletic

Part 2: New Footwork

Alright, let's dive deeper into the second big rookie QB critique: new footwork.

Picture this—it's like watching a dance recital where everyone's trying to nail down the steps for the first time. These newbies aren't just mastering basic footwork.

They're diving headfirst into a whole new playbook with footwork that's like a choreographed dance.

Before Pointing Fingers

Imagine a quarterback takes three steps in a hitch when he was supposed to take two. Uh-oh, there goes the timing on the play!

Or maybe he hesitates too long and ends up tossing the ball into double coverage. It's like watching a comedy of errors unfold right before our eyes.

But we've all been there, right..?

So, before you start pointing fingers at these rookies for their "new footwork," let's cut them some slack. They're not being lazy; they're just trying to get the hang of a whole new rhythm.

And let's be real, we all look a little awkward when we're learning something new.

Let ‘Em Find Their Groove

Think about it like this: when you try a new dance move for the first time, do you get it perfect on the first try? Probably not! It takes practice, patience, and a whole lot of trial and error.

These rookie QBs are no different—they're just trying to find their groove in a whole new ball game.

So, next time you see a rookie QB stumbling over his footwork, cut him some slack. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a polished QB.

It's all part of the learning process, and with a little time and dedication, these rookies will be dancing their way to success in no time.

Getty Images

Part 3: Accuracy Concerns

Now, let's talk about the third big critique thrown at rookie QBs: accuracy.

It's like the moment they miss the bullseye, everyone's quick to jump on the "he can't hit the broad side of a barn" bandwagon. But hold your horses—let's break it down a bit.

Remember These?

Remember Josh Allen's infamous miss? Or how about Will Levis struggling to hit the mark last year?

People were quick to judge, saying they couldn't hit the net, let alone a receiver. Spoiler Alert - they couldn’t have been more wrong.

But here's the thing: accuracy isn't just about aiming for a target. It's about mastering new concepts, adapting to new coaching, and tweaking mechanics on the fly.

Think about it—these rookies are like sculptors trying to mold their throwing motion into a masterpiece. Some coaches might make brilliant adjustments, while others might leave them scratching their heads.

It's like trying to teach an old dog new tricks—sometimes it works like a charm, and other times it's a total flop.

Save It For When It Matters

So, before you start writing off these rookies as "inaccurate," consider the bigger picture. They're not just tossing the pigskin; they're navigating a whole new world of timing, footwork, and play concepts.

It's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded—it's gonna take some trial and error.

And let's not forget the absurdity of fans and podcast pundits dissecting iPhone videos like they're game tape from the Super Bowl. Seriously, folks, let's save the hot takes for when it actually matters.

These rookies are just getting started, and judging them based on May minicamp throws is like trying to predict the weather based on a single raindrop.

So, next time you see a rookie QB miss the mark, give ‘em some grace. They're still finding their rhythm in a whole new ball game, and with a little time and patience, they'll be hitting bullseyes left and right.


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